Te Hāpai Ō - Behind the Weave

Te Hāpai Ō - Behind the Weave

Te Hāpai Ō 

 Hāpai means to lift, elevate or raise. Ō is an ancient term for provisions or food for a journey. Te Hāpai ō refers to our stewards, those who feed, nourish and sustain the many.

In this design we wanted to show our appreciation to the servant's heart. Our providers, often the ‘workers behind the scenes’ who tirelessly share their time and energy for the betterment of others.


 This blanket is laid out to reflect a traditional kaitaka…..:.Traditionally, a number of taaniko borders could be woven together, denoting high rank or prestige as each would take many hours to complete.

 The pātiki or diamond shape design has been implemented into the paepaeroa the bottom border. A prominent design in many coastal areas, a pātiki is a flounder hence the diamond shape, as it looks lying flat on the ocean floor. A staple food upon the marae and delicacy for many, the pātiki along with the kupenga or net design symbolize the environmental resources within an area and our relationship through traditional activities and practices including harvesting or gathering of kai.

The waharua are connected by the aramoana pattern in the second border, acknowledging the role food plays in fellowship, creating and sustaining relationships.


The poutama side borders represent our learning development, they reflect the story of Tāne and his ascension to the heavens to acquire the baskets of knowledge for the benefit of mankind. As it was for Tāne, our call to action is for the benefit of others. We want to 

acknowledge the descendants of Tāne, masters and experts of caring for others, as it is a chiefly trait and one that deserves praise.


 E kore e mutu ngā mihi kia koe, e te hāpai ō, e te tohunga o te manaaki,

Endless acknowledgments to you, the provider, an expert of care.


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