Te Aparautaki - Limited Edition

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The collective of emboldened women, of brave men, full of purpose. A delegation of the distinguished. Determined and tenacious!


Our fourth Limited Edition Collection, Te Aparautaki, is an ode to the core human value of self determination and our pursuit of peace in its everyday practice. 


E tangi te pū - the call to action - has resounded when this balance has been endangered. Our people constantly rising to dissolve the threat in the name of peace.

Te Aparautaki calls forth the peacemakers, the purpose driven and self determined, forever tenacious in our endeavour to sustain the natural equilibrium of power and create a prosperous future of wellbeing for the generations to come.

The assurance we need is made evident within the environment itself. The sun, moon and stars align across the heavens to make known our pursuit of peace is truly of a divine nature. 

E ara e hika ē! Rise up o comrades!
- Rawiri Puhirake, The Battle of Gate Pā, 1864.
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