We value the wisdom of our Tūpuna and acknowledge it is a gift to the world. We believe in being proud of who we are and being able to express and share it. As we are surrounded by our identity it creates a safe space and a sense of belonging for us to be reminded everyday of who we are and where we come from.

Manaaki Tangata

Creating a safe space to empower others to find new ways to explore their own path to understanding. Encouraging growth together to foster a supportive inspiring environment.

Ki Tua o Te Kiri

We value our identity. Our unique heritage, growing our family tree and our legacy. Living out our passion, reaching from the spring of creativity for our aspirations. Sharing our individual stories and creating lasting memories. Celebrating us, our people and our culture together.

He Toi Whakaairo, He Mana Tangata

Where there is artistic excellence, there is human dignity. - Prof. Piri Sciascia. We value art, expression, creation and collaboration. We value craft and durability. We value taonga, inheritance and legacy.

Ko Au Ko Te Taiao

We value our relationship with the environment. We strive to create sustainable products that enhance our natural environment and share the stories of how we can take up the responsibilities of our collective guardianship of the natural world.