Te Kura Nui (i Hawaiiki) - Behind the Weave

Te Kura Nui (i Hawaiiki) - Behind the Weave
Inspired by traditional kahu kaitaka and Mokunui (Hawaii), this kaitaka huaki inspired design is an ode to the ambitious leaders, the brave, te kura i maia, the courageous, the visionaries who look beyond the horizon.
It’s also a quiet encouragement to take time for ourselves, which also requires courage, the courage to say no, as to sustain others, first we must sustain ourselves.
The body of this blanket is a reflection of a classic ara moana design, in this case depicting the vast expanse of the ocean and the great determination, fearlessness and wisdom needed to explore its immensity. This reflects the storytelling value that enables a wide reaching awareness, the intergenerational retention and transmission of our knowledge base, network and systems, learning from our past to be able to make course into the future.
An ornately woven tāniko border was a chiefly trait upon our kahu, we’ve woven along the length of the blanket an interpretation of a waharua design, this describes our interaction with each other, engaging in discussion gives space for opportunity to arise. The aorangi inspired side borders reflect our beginnings, and the experiences to be gained in our new journeys ahead.

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