Te Ata Hāpara: The dawn of a new day is coming

Te Ata Hāpara: The dawn of a new day is coming

Our environment has begun to shift and reveal the signs of change. In the heavens our star constellations Matariki and Puanga reappear, and Hinateiwaiwa, the moon goddess, wanes into the moon phases to show the lunar year has ended, and the next is soon to begin. While on the earth it grows colder, our days shorten with the arrival of the winter solstice and Hinetakurua, the winter maiden.

It feels like not too long ago that we observed these seasonal markers, but with a moment of quiet reflection, we realise how busy we've actually been.

As Noa has grown throughout the years, we have been shaped by the many experiences, opportunities and learnings along our path. We've expanded our capacity, pushed boundaries with our designs and storytelling, and we've fortified our values to be dynamic as we embody them through different stages of our craft - of ourselves. We look to the blanket structure to describe this journey. The weft (horizontal threads) symbolising our continual expansion and growing network of connections. While the warp (vertical threads) symbolises the way we deepen our internal invigoration and capacity.



New threads from the vast network of creative minds wove into our Noa story with the Paraikete Threads exhibition at Pātaka Art + Gallery, alongside Jeanine Clarkin and Mataaho Collective. A demonstration of how contemporary Māori artists are working with the stories, histories and knowledge systems embedded in the blanket. As well as the threads brought by everyone who came to experience the exhibition, e mihi ana ki a koutou.

Following on from our success at the Best Awards in 2023, we were invited to share intimate insights of our journey at the Designers Institute, Designer Speaks - Toitanga evening in Tāmaki Makaurau. Our Noa story grew again intertwined with the stories of TOA Architects, Motion Sickness, Warren and Mahoney Architects & Aurecon and Likeminds. 

Bringing the threads closer to home, Noa was part of 'Tangaroa Piri Whare'. A panel discussion with artists and knowledge holders on the significance of Tauranga Moana through time, hosted by Tauranga Art Gallery. 

We're venturing out beyond anywhere we've been before; as individuals, as a whānau and as a company. We're guided by the creative spirit in our communities to endure, heal and transform. E mihi ana ki ngā kura nui, ki ngā aumangea, ki ngā aparautaki! We commemorate the courageous, the resilient and the self-determined.



Weaving our stories into blanket with 100% NZ wool is at the core of our business at Noa and each thread has provided the grounding to reach farther and test the limits of our capabilities. Recently this has evolved into opportunities apply our craft in the realms of interior and spatial design. As these projects evolve, we look forward to sharing more with you.



Further developing our abilities in weaving our stories into blankets has required research of different structures, colour combinations and designs. With each blanket building upon the previous blanket and collection, a tāonga to be cherished now and into the future.

All this to say, our journey is one of weaving and believing. Weaving belief and hope for the future into every thread, every step. Te Ata Hāpara: the dawn of a new day is coming.

In times of challenge and adversity, we’re weaving a collection that serves as a reminder to fortify our hopes, dreams and beliefs for a better future. Whilst we may lose sight of our goals in the darkest of night, we peer with hope and a resolute spirit to see the dawn of a new day.

What do you believe in? What do you hope for?

Te Ata Hāpara: The dawn of a new day is coming
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