Learning to Live Life with No Limits

Learning to Live Life with No Limits
Introducing our newest range, Limitless.
Limitless embodies our ambition to live intentionally, to acknowledge each step in the pursuit of our goals, as an individual thread woven into our tapestry of life.
As we move forward, our intention is to live in the now, making the most of each encounter and each event on our journey right through to each and every goal. To acknowledge, celebrate and commemorate.
Unlike our previous limited edition collections, Limitless is always available. However, as it is with weaving, good things take time. Weaving is a slow and deliberate process with attention to each detail in our craft. This range will be woven to order - an intentional decision that aims to reduce waste and the environmental impact of overproduction, weaving only what we require but moreso, reminding us to appreciate the moment. Acknowledging that the most precious things in life are not fleeting, but thoughtful and long lasting.

The Inspiration

We’re proud to have achieved many of the goals we set for our first year of business - from establishing Noa Blanket Co as a luxury New Zealand brand and launching our Limited Edition Collections as a highly desired product, a contemporary reflection of a traditional treasure.
From combing the textile archives of our national museum, Te Papa Tongarewa, to having our own Noa Blanket Co display, featuring in numerous magazines, the Te Matatini national stage of Māori performing arts and many Marae around the nation, the epicentre of our Māori cultural society, we’re thankful for the growth and success.
Like most, to meet each goal, we’ve put total focus into our work, often with a tunnel visioned approach, while we climbed to the summits of our envisioned success.
Glancing back upon our path of ups and downs, we have seen the many missed opportunities to stop, breathe and acknowledge each life changing moment.
A totally future focussed approach can inhibit our vision and the limitless potential of each lived experience - with our eyes fixed upon the end goal only we can sometimes miss the beauty, the lessons and the importance of each moment, in the here & now.
This realisation inspired Limitless, reinforcing our desire to live life without limits, to continue to cast our vision and set goals for the future but to remain intentional in our approach, ensuring we take every opportunity to commemorate each step on our journey.
"Being limitless is skilfully and thoughtfully following your enthusiasm in life. Enjoying the journey as much as the ever-evolving destination."
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